If you’re one of the thousands of people suffering from back pain, you may wonder if there is any help in sight. Doctors are very limited in the treatment options for back pain and usually have only medications and surgery options. Luckily you can enjoy alternative therapy and aquatic therapy for relief from the center for pain management sartell mn.

Many people bothered by back pain are shying away from traditional treatments and looking at water therapy for relief. Perhaps this is a decision that you should make as well. Although water therapy isn’t right for everyone, particularly those who are sick, have open wounds or infections, just as many people benefit from the therapy.  What kind of benefits can you expect when using water therapy?

Decreased Pain

The number one reason to use water therapy for pain is to kick that pain where it hurts. Water therapy reduces the pain that you feel. It works to increase the blood supply and replenish tired, overworked, worn out muscles.

Reduced Stress

Water decreases the amount of stress that is placed on your spine. When your back problems revolve around disc issues, you’ll find that water therapy makes moving much easier as it alleviates some of the spine stress you feel.

Increased Mobility

Increased mobility is yet another exciting benefit that comes to those who use water therapy.  It is easier to twist and turn freely when you’re in water so more exercises are possible.  Once you are out of the water, you’ll feel much better and continue to enjoy the free range of motion.

center for pain management sartell mn

There are many people who use pool water therapy to stop their pain. If you have back pain, perhaps it is time to make the same decision. Water therapy can work for your needs.