10 Reasons to Become a Nurse

Searching for a great career in the medical field? There are many positions that you can fill if you have the proper education. However, one of the most exciting roles that you can fill is that of a nurse. Read below to learn 10 of the biggest reasons to become a nurse and make the move.

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1.    You can earn a nursing degree in as little as two years and can return to enjoy more schooling if you choose. There is great growth potential for people who work in the nursing field.

2.    The availability of great nursing jobs in chicago is amazing. You won’t ever worry about a job when you are a nurse. Even if you move out of the Chicago area, jobs are plentiful for you.

3.    The money that a nurse earns is nice. An LPN earns an average of $30 per hour while an RN earns a salary closer to $50 hourly.

4.    You will feel rewarded every single day when you earn a nursing license and help other people.

5.    You have plenty of opportunity for growth in this position. Want to expand your horizon? It is easy when you work as a nurse.

6.    You can become a respected person in the medical field. Nurses are always well respected in the community.

7.    There is a nursing shortage in Chicago. When you earn your degree, you help fill that need and put an end to the medical crisis.

8.    Nursing careers are usually flexible. Everyone needs a job that brings them flexibility!

9.    You can meet lots of new people every day that you go to work when you are a nurse.

10.  The cost to earn a degree in nursing isn’t one that will hurt you too badly. It is easy to repay the money after graduation thanks to the affordable rates

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