Braces are an oral gadget placed over the teeth to resolve alignment issues. The braces are worn for a specified period of time, usually about 18-months, several types of braces are available, so if you picture the large, metal brackets that were used 25+ years ago, understand how the options have expanded. There’s much more to learn about braces and some of that information is below.

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People of All Ages Use Braces

Although children and teens are the most common patients who receive braces, adults can use them to resolve their oral health concerns, as well. It is nothing more than a misconception that braces aren’t made for adults. People of all ages use braces. There is an orthodontist lakewood who can help you learn more.

Benefits Galore

Braces are made to fix alignment issues. They’re capable of resolving gaps between the teeth, spacing and overcrowding issues, and more.  If you are unhappy with your smile, perhaps braces could help change that.

Braces are Safe

Concerns over your health arise when wearing braces. But, let the fears subside because they’re not dangerous and not cause any issues when they’re installed in your mouth.

The Age of Things

Braces were used for the first time in 1728. So, this actually makes braces older than the United States of America. When a product has been used for the length of time, you know that it is helping many people.

NASA and Braces

Did you know the metal that was used in braces from times past was made by NASA? You probably did not, since most of us don’t spend our days learning such information. Many people don’t realize the air and space corporation is responsible for this task, but it’s certainly reassuring to know that you’re using tip-quality products.